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Mustafa J. Ibraheem
Resident Scholar
Phone: Office Location: 70 Vernon Street 308
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Trinity College faculty member since 2013
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Ph.D., University of Baghdad (2009)

Ibraheem Mustafa began his career in literary studies as an undergraduate at Almamoon College in Iraq where he wrote a thesis on political geography and its effect on the construction of cities. 

As a graduate student at Baghdad University, he wrote a Masters’ thesis on globalization and cities focusing on how globalization affects Arabic and Islamic cities. 

In his doctoral studies, he focused on spatial development by local management using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 

At Baghdad University, Professor Ibraheem has taught courses on the application of GIS to urban and environment planning. He has participated in more than ten international conferences and fifty national conferences. 

He has written research GIS applications in urban and environmental planning. He also has over 15 publications related to urban planning and GIS.