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Michael W. Clark
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
Phone: (860) 297-2672 Office Location: Williams Memorial 229B
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Trinity College faculty member since 2013
General ProfileTeachingResearchPublications/PresentationsHonors/Awards
Ph.D., Univ. of Houston (2012)
M.A., Univ. of Houston (2009)
B.S., Grand Valley State Univ. (2006)

Michael Clark earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Houston in 2012.  He is very interested in the recent developments in the Macroeconomy, especially the Great Moderation and the Financial Crisis. 

A broad view of his current research and research agenda would indicate that he is particularly interested in the changing properties as well as the changing relationship of macroeconomic time series, both domestically and in an international framework. One of his research goals is to examine the ever-changing policy making environment.

When teaching economics, Professor Clark recognizes that one of the biggest challenges is keeping students interested in "the dismal science". He considers teaching often not to be about lecturing to students, but about presenting theories, concepts and models in a way that the listener can relate the information with their own experiences.  Professor Clark considers teaching in a Liberal Arts setting to be a truly rewarding experience and he considers himself extremely fortunate that he can unite his passion for economics with his passion for teaching.