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Emilie Dressaire (On leave)
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Phone: (860) 297-4129 Office Location: MECC 327
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Trinity College faculty member since 2010
General ProfileTeachingResearchPublications/PresentationsHonors/Awards
Ph.D., Harvard Univ. (2009)
M.S., Univ. of Paris Sud Inst. Curie (2005)
B.S., Ecole Superieure de Physique (2004)

Emilie Dressaire’s research focuses on complex but very common systems. What determines the texture of ice cream? Why does soap foam? How do filters clean dirty water? Using micro- and nano-technologies, she leads a research program at the interface of several disciplines including fluid mechanics, bioengineering and chemistry. Her research is oriented toward fundamental understanding as much as the development of applications such as biosensors.

Through research and teaching, she invites her students to explore the full extent of their engineering toolbox, think across disciplines and learn about emerging challenges for engineers. In the classroom, she strives to engage her students on a wide range of topics in engineering and encourages them to apply their knowledge to practical situations.

She joins Trinity after the completion of a Ph.D. in the department of mechanical engineering at Harvard University and a post doctoral fellowship at McGill University.