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Alumni Interview Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Trinity College. If you are interested in scheduling an alumni interview, please submit your request as soon as possible (no later than December 15th for seniors) and we will make every effort to arrange an alumni interview. If we are able to make arrangements, an alumnus/a will contact you directly.
For students with an international address: To schedule an alumni interview abroad, please contact the Alumni Admissions Support Program at aasp@trincoll.edu with your name, current address, and e-mail address.
Please provide the following contact information:
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Enter the exact address near which you would like the interview to take place. This location must be an exact address rather than an approximation. Note that the first address field is for the street address only, e.g. 100 Main Street. Any additional information, such as an apartment number, P.O. box number, etc, should be entered in the second address field.
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Enter your home address if different from the above address.
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Benjamin W. Oxford
Coordinator of the Alumni Admissions Support Program (AASP)