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Nichole E. Szembrot (On leave)
Assistant Professor of Economics
Phone: (860) 297-4106 Office Location: Williams Memorial 313
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Trinity College faculty member since 2014
General ProfileTeachingResearchPublications/PresentationsHonors/Awards
Ph.D., Cornell Univ. (2014)
M.A., Boston Univ. (2009)
B.A., Boston Univ. (2009)

Nichole Szembrot’s interests lie at the intersection of economics, psychology, and political science. The overarching goal of her research is to use insights from psychology about how individuals process information, form beliefs, and make decisions to develop a better understanding of economic phenomena. As a complement to her work in applied theory, she also uses lab experiments to test theories. She is particularly interested in using game theoretic concepts that take into account people’s limited ability to understand the incentives faced by others to improve knowledge of behavior in strategic environments. In her current projects, she applies ideas from behavioral game theory to explain why political candidates avoid taking positions on issues during campaigns, uses survey evidence to test models of special interest influence, and analyzes the role of present bias in contract design.

She is excited to share the growing field of behavioral economics with students. Her teaching philosophy revolves around encouraging students to develop the analytical tools necessary to think critically about economics and the world around them.